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Hey all, a couple of items to clear up for newer teams and those who may have forgotten. 1) While using the drop down in the "Lineup" tab, that list is a generic list of golfers that may or not be in a specific tournament. You will be able to see a (1) next to a players name on that list which indicates how many times you have used a player. Use the "Resources" tab to get more current information on a specific tournament including the 1st one listed "Current Tournament Field". 2) Remember to put in an Alternate golfer so that he can be used if your main pick backs out before teeing it up. If your main guy pulls out without hitting a shot, he will not be considered used and will be available for another tournament. 3) The same rules apply with an Alternate golfer if your main pick was not even attempting to play in tournament, it will go to your Alternate assuming they are in the tournament. 4) To win a skin you need to be the SOLO high finisher of the tournament, no ties. 5) All of these details are clearly laid out by going to the main site protourfantasygolf.com which is at the bottom of every page. Click on Game Formats / One and Done Formats / and then Rules 6) Feel free to use the Clubhouse tab for any comments or smack talking. 7) The preferred method of payment is PayPal (johnny5thumbs@comcast.net). PayPal is also the fastest and easiest for me to get people paid out at the end of the year. Cash and checks work as well and my address is on the main page. For those playing in the Ryder Cup at Craguns, you can bring it there as well. Good Luck

League Commissioner: Joe Sudeith

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